Friday, February 21, 2014


Okay, my concerns seem pretty silly now, she seemed totally fine with our house and was very nice. I'm sure we said some stupid things during our interview but hopefully they came off as fixably stupid. (I can't answer questions about discipline where I don't have all the variables! I need all the variables!)
 We have the second homestudy in a week, then we just wait for the next step. 
Also, my house is now super clean. Yay!


  1. YAY! Getting so excited for you!

  2. Has she given you an idea of how long background checks are taking in your area? Ours took fucking forever. We were done with everything else long before they came back. Then one day, she called and was like, "Your background checks are back and I need you to come to the office, fill out the final paperwork, and pick up a newborn from the hospital." Um. Is that part of the package? Because you should really advertise that. (He wasn't a keeper - just a guest.)