Monday, March 24, 2014

Still waiting...

I emailed her (short, light tone, casual, not at all bitchy and overbearing. Really, I am capable of it sometimes...) and she said she was waiting to get it back from her supervisor. So, still nothing.

Had a good weekend though! I'm finally getting over this awful cold. Breathing is such an awesome thing. 

We invited my boss, who I (still) adore, over for dinner along with two neighbors of his who are friends. Their dog comes to my office every day and is best friends with my dog. They have all been really good to us and we hadn't had them over to our new house for a get together yet despite being here for a year. My boss and I stopped at the fancy butcher while he was driving me home Friday and he insisted on buying the meat which kind of negated the hosting but was very nice. The poor cashier wasn't sure whose money to take.
 I bought lots of wine and made a fantastic cake while A made short ribs in Guinness with polenta and some sort of cabbage/apple/bacon thing. It was all really good and it was nice having everyone to dinner. My boss's lady friend was working on a deadline and couldn't come but she enjoyed the leftovers enough to suggest getting investors for a restaurant. A is thinking about hiring out for dinner parties, since my boss already mentioned wanting to have one with A catering. It could be nice for extra money. (In a previous life A was a professional chef, so it's not too out there.)

In other adoption news, we do have our class for adoption (as opposed to foster care) this Saturday. After that we just need to do 15 hours of continuing ed each year to keep our foster license.
We are getting together after class with two couples we met in the foster classes. They are both very nice, slightly younger than me. They are applying for younger kids, so I don't know how much we will have in common later but it's nice to have somebody to talk to who is going through the same process.

Do you know that children's song "I am slowly going crazy, crazy going slowly am I"? Yeah. That's me. 


  1. you've made me thoroughly hungry. That meal sounds delish!

    I did find that making friends along the journey was so helpful. I hope you have a fulfilling Saturday.

  2. You'll get there. . .eventually. Sorry it continues to be slow. Hey, what is A actually doing these days? Is he working as an attorney now?

  3. I didn't know you were blogging again! Happy to see you here and excited that you're planning to adopt. I had kind of figured that out from social media. :)