Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I just turned down a baby

Just got the call - we are approved for fostering. We still need to wait on the next time the board meets to be special needs adoption approved (which means we can't apply for any of the legally free children quite yet, but should be able to in the next few weeks. Assuming nothing else crazy happens. But I think this timeline might actually be for real.)
Anyways, I just got the call that we are approved for foster and really what she was calling me about was, could I take an infant today?
Well shit. No I cannot. I WANT to be able to. But we aren't set up for a baby, we're set up for older kids.

But shit. An infant. A brand new one. It felt so weird to say no. I want to call her back and say YES YES YES.
But I won't.
But I want to.
But I won't.

Edit: And then within two hours she has called me twice more about kids - a weekend respite care, which we said yes to, and two kids who she MAY be moving, one of which is a toddler, so I said no.
It seems like we won't be waiting months for placements at least!


  1. Foster families, I assume, are in high demand. Much luck!

  2. So I'm still catching up. Have you guys made the decision to only take an older child placement?

    And is this your first weekend respite care? B/c exciting! I hope it's a great experience for you.

  3. Wow! Can't wait to hear more! Big hug, girl. xoxo

  4. Shit's getting real! Congrat's on the end in sight to the paperwork. And, an update on how respite went would be awesome. As well as what's going on now. Because with that many phone calls right off the bat, LOADS must've happened in the last month!